Compare Android Phones via Droidthing

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September 24, 2010

compare android phones Android phones are some of the trendiest gadgets in the market. There are lots of Android phones produced by different companies and if you go out to buy one, you won’t be sure, which one to buy. You’ll be looking for something which is the optimum choice in regards to price, features and overall quality. Droidthing lets you compare every Android phone and tablet released or available in the market. It is a database of all android phones and their features so that people could find the perfect device for them. You can compare Android phones with Droidthing based on a number of features.

While comparing android phones with Droidthing, you can filter the devices based on their features, availablity and price. You can compare the devices on account of any number of parameters like Camera, Price, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.

Once you set the parameters, all the phones that match the features are displayed. You can remove the tickmark on a phone to remove it from the comparison process.When you are done selecting the devices, click on “Compare now” to get a side by side comparison of the selected devices. It takes a while to assess the information and then displays them in a frame which is very easy to browse. Here’s a video that’ll help you understand more.

You can also look for the features on a device by directly searching for the phone. From the search box, type the name of any android powered phone and you’ll get to learn all of its features. So compare Android phones with Droidthing before you buy your new Android powered phone.

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