Compare upto three Android Phones at Google Phone Gallery

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October 29, 2010

Android, is becoming a very popular mobile OS in the smartphones scenario. With more than 100,000 applications and more in the making, Android phones are becoming immensely popular among buyers. While buying any phone, one also cares for its Tech specs like camera, connectivity, multimedia etc. Comparing Android phones side by side would make it easier to have an insight on their features and make better decision while buying one. Google’s Phone Gallery has a gallery of all the available android phones and lets you compare up to three Android devices side by side at a time.

You can list the available Android powered devices by their manufacturers or Operators. You can also list all of them. You’ll find an “Add to Compare” button next to each device. Click on it and it will be added to the Side by side comparison tool. You can choose upto three phones for comparison. When you are done selecting the devices, click “Compare Selected” and an elaborate comparison of the devices is shown. The devices are compared on all necessary specifications such as Talk Time, Standby Time, RAM, Internal Storage, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Internal memory,touchscreen, Dimensions, screen size, Camera, Touchscreen and more. You can also print the comparison chart on the fly by clicking on the Print button towards the top. If you want to buy an Android phone, you are given the link for the store.

If you are planning on buying an Android-powered phone and are stuck in a dilemma about which device to buy, Google Phone Gallery can be of great help.

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