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Make a morphed animation from pictures

You must have seen videos showing transitions between different moving faces. One famous example is the music video for the popular song Black or White by Michael Jackson. But now you too can create your animated biography with pictures from different phases in your life.

Camouflage your Picasa ID

You can disguise your Picasa Identity if you do not want others to know your real Google ID. Your Google username is generally shown in your Picasa Web Album address. Like if your Gmail ID is something like grungestar@gmail.com then your Picasa Web Albums Address will look like this:

Picasa now available for Mac also

Till now the desktop application Picasa used for uploading photos to Picasa Web Albums was only available for Widows XP and Vista. Mac users were relying upon a standalone Picasa Web Albums uploader and iPhoto album plugin for uploading photos to their Web Albums. But with the release of Picasa for Mac, millions of people using Picasa Web Albums around the globe will be benefitted.

Xoopit- Enjoy Social Media on Gmail

Xoopit lets you easily access the multimedia content of your Gmail account. You won’t have to perform those tedious searches looking for your mails with attachments, Xoopit makes images or video viewing experience much...