Make a morphed animation from pictures

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August 3, 2011

You must have seen videos showing transitions between different moving faces. One famous example is the music video for the popular song Black or White by Michael Jackson. The video is brought a revolution in music video scenario and several other videos that used similar morphing techniques came out later. Back then in 1991 when the music video was created, the technology wasn’t very advanced and each photo was meticulously transitioned into the other. But now you too can create your animated biography with pictures from different phases in your life.

This software uses pictures and then gives transitional effect between two images. It takes up the animated sequence in such a way that it matches the other image. It then matches the persons position and facial expressions in the pictures. When done with hundreds of images, this software can produce amazing results.

A version of this morph software is also available in Google Picasa. Thus you can also have such morph animations for your pictures using this software.

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