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How to show subscriber count to your email subscribers

If you own a blog, you must have burned a feed and embedded a feedburner feed count chicklet on your blog showing the number of subscribers currently. The email subscribers to your feed although won’t know the number of current subscribers unless they visit your blog. If you want to show the subscriber count or the Feedcounter to your email subscribers, here’s the trick.

Some Useful Google Subscribed Links

Google is undoubtedly the big boss in the Web Search Engine scenario. Google has been making the internet search more easy and user friendly every day. With instant search, Google has taken a leap which keeps it much ahead of every other search engine. Google has a plethora of preferences for tweaking the search results. The Search settings lets you handle options like filtering for adult content, showing results from selected foreign languages and so on. Subscribed Links is also one of these. Subscribed Links let you customize Google search settings so as to show particular results from the sources of your choice. Here are some useful Subscribed Links, the results from which can directly be shown within your Search Results.

Create podcasts for your blog with Odiogo

why not create a podcast for your blog so that people won’t need to strain their eyes reading but enjoy the content just by listening? Or just magnify the exposure to your blog to people who are addicted to nothing but podcasts? Odiogo is a service that can convert your posts into high quality audio files and demands you to do nothing but sit back and relax.