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Televisions: 3D Technology Explained

In the hunt for ever more immersive entertainment experiences, the manufacturers have been slowly advancing technology in the direction of 3D. Many televisions are now being marketed as HD and 3D. But what exactly is 3D and can it really make a significant difference to the viewing experience?

It’s Time to Talk with Your Televisions

Where are the VCRs, VCPs, typewriters and the pagers of yesterday? Strange but true – developments in technology keeps appearing now and then but they keep disappearing over a period of time as well. Curiously enough, there were number of wonderful inventions that are nowhere today and a number of other electronic stuff that are all set to become extinct sooner or later.

How To Get A Bargain When Buying A Flat Screen TV

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the prices of flat screen TVs dramatically fall but it can still cost around one thousand dollars to get a high end flat screen, even more if you want a 55 inch TV or 60 inch TV.