It’s Time to Talk with Your Televisions

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May 1, 2012

Where are the VCRs, VCPs, typewriters and the pagers of yesterday?

Strange but true – developments in technology keeps appearing now and then but they keep disappearing over a period of time as well. Curiously enough, there were number of wonderful inventions that are nowhere today and a number of other electronic stuff that are all set to become extinct sooner or later.

One such electronic gadget on the cards is the TV remote control that we use today. Yes, you heard it right. The device that has long served our lazy sofa-lives can soon vanish into the clouds. This particular device was brought to us by Zenith’s “Lazy Bones”, which was a remote control connected to the television with very long wires. These devices have come a long way to become what they are today. Though it is too early, tech observers have predicted that these consoles would soon become outdated with the birth of the next-generation voice and gesture-controlled TVs.
gesture tv

This new innovation allows viewers to control TV operations by simply gesturing or speaking at them without the need of the bulky handheld pointing devices. This opens up a new and innovative way of interacting with the television sets. In the recent customer electronic show, held by Samsung Electronics in Las Vegas, a new and innovative Smart TV was demonstrated, in which a young lady displayed the TV that supported a built-in web browser and many online applications like the Skype, Netflix and Facebook.

Command the Television and it Reacts

The television was intervened with few voice commands and this is how the champion reacted.

The lady said “Hi TV” and the TV turned itself on.

“Channel 1034” the lady ordered and the TV telecasted the News channel.

“Web Browser”, she said, and in an instinct the television displayed the home page of Yahoo.

So what’s the point?

A lot of tech observers have concluded that voice and gesture recognition system would become more refined. The computers bundled up with mobile phones, tablets and other home appliances have become more powerful.

This could bring the era of mouse and remote control to an end. Charles Golvin, a popular analyst of Forrester Research says that with the advent of the new technology, one could simply make use of God’s most precious gift (your hands or even your body or voice) and that is all you need to control or interact with your television. Golvin also insisted that it would take some time before people go remote-less completely and switch to the use of voice or gestures. Once that happens, most people will conclude that it is easier, smarter and more natural way of operating televisions.

And so all you TV-lovers out there and those who have spent half their lives with the remote controls, whether you like it or not, those hand-held devices of yours could soon become a thing of the past. So get ready and let your voices or gestures take over. It’s now time to live and talk with your TVs as well.

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