How To Get A Bargain When Buying A Flat Screen TV

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March 4, 2012

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the prices of flat screen TVs dramatically fall but it can still cost around one thousand dollars to get a high end flat screen, even more if you want a 55 inch TV or 60 inch TV.

Fear not though, even though consumer electronics is one of the most competitive markets, there is still plenty of a room for savings. You just need to know where to look.

Old Models or Discontinued Ranges

When companies bring out new ranges and decide to stop producing older models, they will normally completely discontinue previous ranges and only produce the newer models.

The older models will dramatically fall in price, because people see there is a newer and better model available and will opt for the newer one. However the older versions are still high end televisions and you can pick up a great bargain.

For anyone who likes to buy clothes from last season when they’re really cheap, this will be right up your street. Amazon is currently offering a close out sale on all 60 and 65 inch TVs from 2011 here.

Display Models

Ever wondered what electrical stores do with the TVs that you see in the shop window or use as demo models? The simple answer is they sell them.

All display models are sold in one way or another, they are offered at cut price and they are normally in fantastic working condition.

Unlike brand new, box fresh televisions you also have a lot of wiggle room for bargaining and lowering the price, especially if you’re trying to buy from a non-chain store.

Some stores will actively sell display models in store amongst the other televisions but most don’t. Usually you will have to be proactive and ask staff about buying their display models, be prepared to be put on a waiting list.

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