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Identify web fonts with bookmarklet

Web fonts are being used exclusively these days. Web fonts really bring more elegance and vibrancy to your website design. Sometimes you may come across websites using cool web fonts and may want to know what that font is. Fount is a bookmarklet that tells you the name of any web font on a webpage with a single click.

Quickly know the fonts used on a webpage

With the onset of web fonts, many web designers have started using an assortment of beautiful fonts on websites. Besides the popular and the most widely used fonts, it is really difficult to correctly tell the name of a font. But with Whatfont bookmarklet, you can easily find out what fonts a website is using, including the font size, font weight etc.

Find the best fallback fonts

Fallback fonts are the alternate fonts that are specified in the CSS when the font of first priority is not available in the system of the user. FFFFALLBACK is a nifty javascript bookmarklet with which you can try out alternate fonts for a webpage.