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How to easily search songs on Windows phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is increasingly gaining market share. Although WIndows Phone boasts of a lot of cool features, there are still rooms for improvements. For instance, If you want to look for a song in your zune library, you will have to manually browser by artist, album or song as there is no search functionality built in. If you are a windows phone user are looking for an easy way to search songs on your phone, here’s an easy way to do it.

Using Transparent wallpapers on Windows Phone

You can find lots of transparent wallpapers for your smartphone running Windows phone. A member on xda-forums by the name of RKlenka has devised a cool way to use transparent wallpapers on Windows Phone.

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How to transfer documents to your Windows Phone without emailing

You won’t find a system wide file explorer in the current version of Windows Phone 7 and neither can you add files to your phone besides just music, videos and pictures. So, if you have to transfer a Word document to your phone, you’ll have to first email it to yourself, open it and finally save it on your phone. But if you need to transfer too many files, this process won’t be very feasible. But here is a little workaround that will help you easily transfer documents from your computer to your Windows Phone 7 device.

Quickly checkin to Facebook and Foursquare with 1st Place

If you are a fan of both Facebook places and Foursquare, wouldn’t it be handier to do so from a single place? 1st Place is an application for Windows Phone 7 with which you can easily checkin to both Foursquare and Facebook.

Windows Phone 7 marketplace hits 16000 apps

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace now has a whopping 16000 apps in different categories. There are 16069 applications as of now in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and the number is growing steeply.

WP7 video made by a Windows Phone 7 fanboy

A fan, Brandon Foy has made a promotional video for Windows Phone 7 that has already received over 60 thousand views on Youtube. Entitled “We Love Windows Phone”, this video shows a multitude of features in a span of 2 minutes.

Some recently developed Windows Phone 7 Apps

Windows Phone 7 has a totally new and user-friendly interface and is smoothly integrated with other services. Applications for the Windows Phone 7 are currently being developed and applications for Twitter, eBay etc. are already available. Some more applications have been released, of which some are just demos.