How to Build a Website with Go Daddy

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December 12, 2011

Have you ever thought about creating your own website? If so, Go Daddy can help. Since it offers web-hosting, domain name registration, and website building tools, Go Daddy is basically a one-stop shop for building your own website. They even offer a “WebSite Tonight” program that allows you to get your website up and running in a matter of hours. If you would like to know how to build a website with Go Daddy, the following pointers should help.

Determine Your Goals

Before you can get started on the actual website building process with Go Daddy, you should determine what it is you want to achieve through your site. Are you a business owner that would like to introduce your products or services to an extended market? You will need an easy-to-use website that provides accurate descriptions of what you offer. Perhaps you are a blogger who wants to increase traffic to your blog through an efficient, cleverly designed site. Or, maybe you are just an average person who would like their own website. Whatever your goals may be, Go Daddy is ready to be of assistance. They offer different website accounts, and the type you need largely depends on your goals. Once you have determined what your goals are, you can get started on the creation of your website.

Getting Started

In order to have a website, you will first need to purchase and register a domain name, which can be the name of your website or something else. It is best to make it catchy so people will remember your domain name. Since Go Daddy offers this service, you can choose to purchase your domain through them or through a different domain name registrar. If you do not purchase your domain name through Go Daddy, you can still build your website through them. Keep in mind that if you do in fact purchase and register your domain name through Go Daddy, you will have free web-hosting services and the website building software provided to you for free. Although the website building software is only for a simple, one-page website, you can upgrade at any time.

Next, you will have to determine what type of website account will best suit your needs. If you are simply using the one-page option provided for free with a domain name, you are all set. But, if you need something more, this is where you should choose it. There is an Economy plan, which is best for individuals with basic website goals. The Deluxe plan is better for the person with larger goals and more traffic. Then there is the Premium plan, which is what the majority of larger businesses and corporations will need. All three come with varying levels of disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts, so check into them to see what is best for your situation. It is good to know that they are all very reasonably priced.

Build Your Site

After you have purchased your domain name and website account, you are ready to begin building your site. The WebSite Tonight program is great because it will walk you through all the steps. You will need to choose a pre-built website or a blank one, depending on what you want your website to look like. Go Daddy offers thousands of design and color combinations, as well as images for you to use on your website. All of the website plans offer features such as built-in photo albums and click and type editing as well. Outstanding customer support is also available through Go Daddy on all website plans, so if you ever have a question, do not hesitate to call. Since the website building software gives step-by-step instructions, all you have to do is make the decisions on what your site should look like and what you want it to include. Be careful not to rush through your website creation, as you want it to be as professional and eye-catching as possible. When you are finished, click “Publish” and your site will be up and running.

Although it may seem easier said than done, Go Daddy’s website building software provides the opportunity for you to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind website. After you have finished creating it, you should take advantage of the free advertising credits provided to you through Go Daddy. The proper advertising will bring your website the attention and traffic it deserves.

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