How to easily insert memes in Facebook chat

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January 15, 2012

Internet memes are very popular these days. They are very expressive and are often used by various websites and online communities to express one’s views towards something. Memes can also be inserted in Facebook chat. Actually, its not that Facebook itself set the meme icons. Actually, Facebook these days lets you insert the profile picture of any page or person by inserting the profile id or username within [[ and ]]. It is by exploiting this very feature that you can insert memes on Facebook chat.

But inserting memes as such isn’t very easy. Say for example you want to insert the LOL meme to a friend via chat. You will need to type [[168456309878025]] and hit Enter. But isn’t the number a bit too long to memorize or type? Sure it is. But there is a solution for it. Facebook chat emoticons Bar is a greasemonkey script that adds the functionality to easily insert memes on Facebook chat.

If you have greasemonkey installed on Firefox, you can simply visit the userscript page for Facebook chat Emoticons Bar and install it by clicking the install button therein. Now open Facebook and then a chatbox for any of your friend. You will see a bar of emoticons, right at the top of the very chat window. All you need to do to insert a meme is simply click on it and voila! The code for the meme will appear in the text area and you can send it by hitting Enter.

Facebook chat emoticons bar script for greasemonkey will be helpful if you are a fan of memes and easily want to send them to your friends on Facebook chat.

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  • Jessie Mondragon

    How many memes does this one include? And are the memes shown in large, or just small 
     [[168456309878025]] ?

  • kezliura

    good trick… it worked