How to get the RSS feed for any facebook page

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April 10, 2015

We use RSS feeds for many reasons, to read content from various websites in a digestible format, to pull data from websites to display in web applications and more. Almost all blogs provide a RSS feed that allows their readers to easily subscribe to and stay updated with their articles and new content. But there are some sites that yo may wish to have a RSS feed for but those aren’t provided out of the box. I was in a dire need for a RSS feed for a couple of facebook pages so I had to figure out if Facebook did provide it. It indeed does but its not documented anywhere. Here is how you can grab the RSS feed URL for any Facebook page and use it for various purposes.

The first step is to figure out the page id of your Facebook page. Figuring that out is quite easy. Add graph. to the beginning of your facebook URL and it will display some information about your page in plain text format. For eg, for the Facebook page of, the graph URL will be When this link is opened, the 2nd line of the page shows the page id in this format: “id”: “1520225201598101”

Now copy this page ID. and replace the YOURPAGE ID in the following URL with the page ID that you want the RSS FEED URL for.
So, for techattitude’s facebook page, the RSS feed URL will be:
Another URL format is also available for the same purpose which is

So, with this easy trick, you can easily grab the RSS feed for any facebook page. For eg, if you want to subscribe to CNN’s facebook page using your RSS feed reader, you can use the following feed URL for that purpose.

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