How to fix the font size for Facebook updates in News Feed

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November 8, 2010

You must have noticed smaller font size in News Feeds recently on Facebook. Facebook tests new design and features time and again and it has been testing this smaller font size in the News Feed for a couple of days now; to be precise, since 3rd November. The font for status updates is the same size as that for comments. The larger font size was better and less strenuous to read. You can fix the Facebook font size for updates in News Feed by using browser bookmarklets or scripts.

You can fix the font size simply by zooming in a webpage. But this will zoom in everything including photos and videos; not just status updates. So you’ll need some easy fix for Facebook font size in News Feed and Live Feed. Facebook font fixer greasemonkey script, a greasemonkey script for Facebook is an easy solution to resotre the font size to the larger version. Earlier, the font size for Facebook updates was 13px. This script changes the font size of Facebook News Feed, back to 13px. Another Greasemonkey script, Facebook font-size Changer also does a similar job. The greasemonkey script works for most of the browsers like Firefox Chrome etc. that support user scripts.

You can also use a useful browser bookmarklet to adjust the font size to 13px. Drag this “Facebook Font Size Fixer” bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmark toolbar and click on it after opening up Facebook. The downside of this is that, you’ll have to click on it everytime you open Facebook, unlike the greasemonkey script that automatically reverts the font size to 13px, the larger version. But the bookmarklet works fine with all browsers.

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  • Anonymous

    i have changed to bing FB as they do like my friends child abuse, I have asked as disabled person FB for one year for assistance, not that help I have brain injury/. now I can not see it. no answers as usual. and This Ticker driving crazy, no control anyone can form a group,lock you out. Then you have to ask them to leave. O yea I had 6000 men in one group. no help.

    Terrible support, you put and item out but if it is not supported it is of no use after a while. Thank and Regards