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Good iPad Apps Aimed At Trade Show Exhibitors

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April 2, 2012

Want to maximize your next trade show event via good iPad apps? If so, we have a few you might be interested in of which most are FREE or low cost and available now via iTunes.

Have a look at our top picks below and feel free to weigh in yourself at apps you have used and have helped you in some way. Please share below with our readers.

1. UStream Live Broadcaster –

Why not let those who follow you on your various social networks in on your trade show expos and conferences by taking them their live via a Ustream broadcast. This iPad app allows you to do just that, to stream the entire event or a portion thereof LIVE right from your booth and let others watch from the web. All that’s needed is for you to hook the app and any required gadgets to your iPad and then begin streaming. There’s also a social component where you can engage visitors via Twitter or Facebook to join the stream and participate if they wish, a great way to engage your base.
ustream ipad


2. iPrize Wheel –

This is a mega fun iPad app that you can use to draw visitors into your booth by letting them play to win prizes. The basic app is $4.99 and it includes all you need to run a series of campaigns off your iPad. You can also hook the games via HDMI to display on a large screen TV and let your customers play and or view the game on a bigger screen than just the iPad. This is a great and inexpensive way to cause a bit of excitement in your trade show booth and draw people in.iprize wheel  for ipad

3. Dragon Dictation –

We love this app for simplicity of use and how handy dandy it can be. As anyone who spends a good deal of time on the web and typing on the computer, this app is a god send. Essentially Dragon Dictation is an iPad app that allows you to speak commands into your device instead of typing them and thus freeing you from looking at the screen and giving your fingers much needed rest. You can send emails, create letters, send texts and more all with your voice and the quality is second to none. The app itself is FREE and works flawlessly with either the iPhone or iPad. Next time you’re at your next trade show event and wish to free yourself from continuous and arduous typing, look into the Dragon Dictation iPad app.


dragon dictation for ipad There are many more good iPad apps aimed at trade show exhibitors, the three mentioned above are but a few from the pool of what’s available. Stay tuned for our next round up where we cover more good trade show iPad apps from the web.

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  • Dcotterell

    TradeAssistApp is a new one that I have come across , released in about 2
    weeks apparently. If you attend trade shows as a buyer or seller this
    one seems to tick all the boxes. I Had to google the name exactly

    Any card scanner app out there i have used before seems to have to many
    problems with busy cards with to much on them , so gave up on them.
    This new app you can take a photo of the buisness card and enter details
    when you like , at the end of the show as a buyer you have a full
    report with photos of the products you have found and suppliers details
    attached so you know where that product was from . Cant wait till its
    out . 

  • Hi, Dcotterell:

    Thanks for the update, appreciate you sharing about this new trade show iPhone app.