10 Great iPad Travel Apps

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September 6, 2011

If you are traveling with your iPad, what are some of the best travel apps to choose from? The following are some iPad apps that should make life a little easier while on the road.

1. Free Wi-Fi Finder – This is a great free app that you can use even if you are overseas. The app has over 110,000 free hotspots for you to browse so you are bound to find a connection for your iPad whether it’s at a restaurant, a park or elsewhere.

2. Yelp – This is a great app that gives you reviews of restaurants, nightlife, hotels and others. Yelp is also international so this free app can help you choose a place to dine out, say in England, France or Spain.

3. Google Maps – This is an indispensable app if you need directions finding a location almost anywhere in the world. By inputting your current location, you can help yourself navigate to your destination and prevent getting lost.

4. Trip Advisor – This is an another excellent free app that also gives you reviews on hotels, but also a more in depth description of sites and attractions throughout the world.

5. Weather Channel – With all of the unusual weather the world has had this year, it is no wonder why this free iPad app is recommended for the traveler.

6. FlightTrack- There is both a free and pro version for this flight-tracking app by Mobiata that helps check flight status. They also have a handful of other great travel apps such as TripDeck, which manages your hotel and car rental reservations, as well as check flight status.

7. Currency or XE Currency – Both are great free iPad apps that will help you determine the current exchange of money with live updates. XE has had their website for years so it might be the better, more reliable between the two.  Although Currency has been getting excellent reviews.

8. Cheap Gas Station Finder – This is a nifty app to have on your trip, particularly if you are using an automobile. Unfortunately the app is limited to within the United States, but this is a free app that could save you a few dollars on the road!

9. ATM Hunter – Need to find an ATM but don’t know where to go? This is an app for you to use that will direct you to the next ATM machine. Although it’s actually an iPhone app, you can still use it on the iPad.

10. iTranslate – If you are in a foreign country, and are not that good at speaking the country’s language, this app might be a good choice to have on the road. Like FlightTrack, this translating app also has a paid version.

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