Top Android Sport Apps

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July 12, 2012

Let me ask you a question. Name a robot which has the appearance of a man and that powers almost all the latest Smartphones, tablets and newer gadgets. Nope, it’s not an alien cyborg or something; it’s the Android,the mobile operating system from Google. The excellent features of Android took no time to conquer our hearts and it now powers over 300 million devices across the globe.

One of the best advantages of having an Android powered phone is that there is not a single moment of boredom. Thanks to its compatibility towards applications fondly called apps. There are a number of websites over the internet that offers apps for Android and there are apps for everyone from a kid to the elderly. Google also offers apps for Android on its own website under the tab ‘Play’. This website offers free as well as paid Android apps.

Sports have always been a great pastime for humans and will continue to be. Be it on the go or at home, people have always been keen on knowing scores of their favorite clubs or at least play some sports based games. Backed by this concept, Android offers several apps for sport buffs. Here are some of the top sports apps that you may find interesting on your Android.

Sports Tap:

It is one of the most popular sports apps and literally offers updates on almost all sports played in this world. You get loads of information like statistics, pictures of your favorite sports stars, fixtures and standings. You also get to choose your favorite team and closely follow the progress of your club. An option to add a widget on your home screen is available too. Price: Free

ESPN Score Centre:

It’s more a prototype of ESPN on your mobile. This efficient app is smooth and constantly offers updated news. Add widgets to your home screen to know more updates. Price: Free

UEFA EURO 2012 Official app:

This app gives you access to soccer matches. Get live results, video highlights at the end of the match (after payment), news, pictures, standings and fixtures. Price: Free


The official app for NBA featuring over 50 new videos everyday and access to live and on demand games via the League pass or the Team pass. Just register for an account on NBA.TV and access this app from your gadgets. Also get photos, scores and statistics wherever you are. Price: Free.

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