5 Ways A Blogger Can Maintain Good Eye Health

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September 27, 2011

As a blog owner who sits and stares at a computer screen for long periods of time each day, it’s imperative that steps be taken to maintain good eye health.

Without good vision all sorts of complications can occur not too mention possible eye disorders can also come into play. Neither of which a blogger can afford. We need our eyes just as much as we need our fingers if not more. So below we take a look at five things a blogger can do to ensure optimal eye health today and tomorrow.

1. Eye Exam – if you’re eyes are beginning to play tricks on you and or you simply do not have the sharp focus you once had, it might be time to head to your local optometrist and schedule an eye exam. Through a professional vision exam, a doctor will be able to rule out any conditions that need immediate attention. However it could be that you’re now in need of eyeglasses. Which brings us to number two below.

2. If Needed, Good Eyeglasses – whether you’re a new eyeglass wearer or have had glasses most of your life, the proper frame and the proper prescription is important. If you haven’t updated your RX in over two years, now is the time to update. Every two years is the recommended time frame to upgrade your eyeglass prescription. Also make sure that the frame you’re wearing is not too big to small for your face and that the lenses aren’t too heavy.

3. Break From PC – you might have a Texas size workload, but you need periodic breaks from the PC screen to give your eyes a much needed rest.When you’re done with work and even if you’re not, go to the local coffee shop or mall and get some fresh air. Your body (and eyes) will thank you later.

4. Exercise – this one piggybacks off of number three above. Dull tired eyes are not healthy and neither are they going to look their best. Whether you exercise a lot and regularly or just a weekend warrior, nothing can revive you and your eyes like a good workout. Try a walk, jog or a good bike ride. Get that heart rate up and sweat it out.

5. Good Nutrition – our bodies are a product of what we feed it. If we feed it junk, then it should come as no surprise that we will not perform at our best and or look our best. This most definitely includes vision and eye health. Everyone know about carrots as a good source of Vitamin A, but there are plenty of other foods that are good for our eyes as well. Think fruits such as apricots, vegetables like sweet potatoes and so much more. Essentially eat a variety of foods high in Vitamin A and you can’t go wrong.

As a blogger and freelance writer, it’s not smart to take your eye health for granted. Sure there are tools and new technology out there that can help those who are visually impaired, but we’re talking about prevention here. Remember the old adage – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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