Know which planes are flying overhead with Wolfram|Alpha

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September 27, 2011

The uses of Wolfram Alpha are countless. From performing complex mathematical operations to getting various high level statistical data, Wolfram|Alpha does it all and using it is as simple as a pie. Give the name of any two cities and Wolfram Alpha will return results with relative data from both cities. Give it a problem of calculus and it will solve it for you within seconds. Added to the list is a feature that will leave you spellbound. Wolfram Alpha can now tell what planes are flying overhead while you have sipping your warm coffee.

Head over to Wolfram|Alpha and enter “Planes Overhead” and you will see a list of flights that are currently flying overhead. Wolfram Alpha gives you the data based on your location data. You can also enter, airplanes overhead as the query.

For some countries, the search may return no results due to the lack of data on airplanes for the country.

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