Grammar Resources For Bloggers

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July 21, 2011

Possibly the most important rules you need to consider when you’re running a blog are the use of grammar and syntax. Unfortunately, these are often things that many bloggers don’t take into account. The blogosphere is rife with content writers that have a very poor, substandard, or too basic understanding of the English language, and many don’t realize how damaging this can be to a blog’s reputation. Though this issue isn’t exclusive to bloggers. It’s problematic among society as a whole. We’ve been trained to write in short hand or come up with acronyms to get an idea across. Thoughtful expression has simply been a by standard of this. If you feel that your blog may be suffering from similar issues, there are many online resources at your disposal that you can employ to improve the standard and efficiency of your site:Grammar Apps
You can do more with your mobile device than check a phone number. In the last few years, developers have taken cell phones to a new level and now there doesn’t seem to be anything that a phone can’t do. There are many grammar apps out there that can meet any need. If you simply want to brush up your grammar skills you can use apps like Grammar 1 or Grammar Up. Both of these options will improve your ability to thoughtfully express your ideas and keep the intellectual presentation and integrity of your blog at an optimum level. If you want to expand your word base, use apps like Wurdle or VocabDaily. All of these apps are at a cost, but you should consider them an investment towards increasing your writing skills.

Copywriting Programs
There are programs, like Copyblogger, that have proven to be very effective tools in teaching bloggers the basics of writing and sentence structure. Copyblogger is one program, though, that goes beyond this and covers the entire gambit of content production. It is an effective element in the art and science of copywriting. This program will show, even a novice, how to strategically deliver ideas, sentences, or concepts into a manageable and effective presentation.

English Basics
This is an online program that has been a powerful tool for both native and non-native English speakers. Outsourced content is a large part of the blogging world, and this program is great for anyone who’s looking to get back to the basics and understand the mechanics of how the English language works. Through this site, you can do anything from getting down English fundamentals to learning the language in a user-friendly approach.

If you feel that your blog may be suffering from poor spelling, grammar, or syntax, look at these resources and other programs online to get your presentation quality to a competitive level. You don’t want to simply hope that your readers will “get” what you’re saying and wish for the best. Take your content presentation seriously, because in the end, you’ll be glad you did, and so will your readers.

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