Best iPhone Blogging Tools

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October 21, 2012

Generally, bloggers are considered technologically savvy. Bloggers like trying out new tools, plugins, social media and of course, their smartphones. With their devices they can use their wireless internet to check their Facebook messages and emails. With the wireless internet connection, they can virtually let everyone know where they are, know what people are Tweeting with just one smartphone, which of course goes where they go.

If you are a blogger who is always on the go, knowing the various iPhone apps will help you keep in touch with the virtual world. Here are some of those apps for your iPhone that you must have.

  1. BAM Analytics. This iPhone app lets you access information from Google Analytics. It doesn’t just give you the numbers and statistics; it also shows it in graphical form for easier understanding. The app is good for bloggers who are conscious with their numbers. One downside is its probability of crashing especially when you try to get too much info. So, be aware.
  2. Awesome Note. This app can almost do it all. It can organize information, take notes and can create a calendar. You can also personalize the app according to your preferences. With the app, you can create folders for various tasks.
  3. HootSuite. For most bloggers, social media is really inevitable; it is their lifeline. Most smartphones do come with Twitter and Facebook app but HootSuite is great because it really performs well on phones. It can work as good on the phone as it can on a desktop or laptop. The app has an integration feature that allows you to make a single update as it goes to your accounts on various social networking sites including WordPress.
  4. PayPal. This app should come in your smartphone especially when you make your payments and get paid using the service. The service is really very user friendly even for non-bloggers. Despite the small tax that you have to pay for the service, its ease and security works well and is one of the best ways to manage the financial aspect of your business or blog.
  5. Feeddler RSS Reader. A blogger must stay connected to the most recent updates. With a wireless internet and Feeddler, this is rather easy. It is an RSS reader that lets you open articles as text or using the web. It also allows you to mark entries as “read” for efficient organization.

These apps are the best for bloggers who work with their iPhones while on the road. For those who have other Andriod phones, there are still apps for maximizing your blogging experience even while on the go. Find apps that are for: analytics, organization or note taking, finances, social media and RSS reader. Most of these apps costs around $1 – $3 but you don’t have to worry because they can give you your money’s worth. The apps can help any blogger keep in touch with the blogging world so you don’t fall behind the latest updates.

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