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Plugins That Bring Higher Dimension to Your WordPress Website

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June 5, 2013

WordPress has been a revolutionary word in the world of website creation. There has been innumerous downloads of this publishing platform, since its launch in 2003. If you sit to count the approximate times that WordPress has been used by the website owners, it will not be less than 60 millions. Surprised? But, that’s the fact!

Probably, this will give you an idea about its huge popularity. Anywhere you turn your eyes in the digital world, this era witnesses the maximum number of websites based upon WordPress.

The popularity of WordPress is the main reason behind the continuous growth of its plugins, which are estimated to be around 23,500. These plugins are used to make the most out of the WordPress’s website.

Like it or not! WordPress doesn’t respond great with all the plugins available in the market, but few. To make your job easier of choosing the right plugin, here are few of the handpicked plugins, after all the analysis.

W3 Total Cache

I would like to rate W3 Total Cache as the first one in the list. It is almost like a Swiss knife that includes more than one feature and has topped the list. With an idea of improving the site’s performance and reduce the download times, this plugin has been developed and proved to be successful. It also, handles uploads to transparent Content Dlivery Network (CDN).

This plugin is recommended by renowned websites like mashable.com, makeuseof.com and many more, which says the story for itself.


Undoubtedly, website’s content is very crucial for a decent ranking in the search engines, but SEO practices are equally necessary for this to happen. HeadSpace plugin eases your job of search engine optimization. It is said to be all-in-one plugin that manages almost all SEO tasks—right from creating meta descriptions to activating the disabled plugins in your website pages. It brings the focus to the right track.


Most of us get busy with our daily lives and seem to forget that anything may go wrong with our blog’s database. In such a scenario, WP-DBManager plugin proves to be amazing. You do not need to be worried about the database with this WordPress plugin. Upon installation, this plugin will be displayed on the dashboard of your website. It supports optimizing, restoring, repairing and backups of your database.

Out of all its features, my favorite is the e-mail feature that it has got. It can e-mail the entire WordPress database to your mailing address daily, as a backup in your e-mail address.

Thank Me Later

Any opportunity to connect to your commenters shouldn’t be missed. Reaching out to someone in your community always adds up to your score. The job gets easier, when it is automated! Thank Me Later is a little gem in this list of plugins. It sends out a personal message to the person, who has commented in your blog post within the time frame that has been chosen by you.

Customize the personal message that will give an impression of being sent by you personally. This plugin has the power to lure the readers to engage in the discussion further.

SEO smart link

Internal linking is one of the most vital practices of SEO. Of course, there are plugins that can do this work, but those plugins require lots of manual work. With SEO smart link, the entire process has been automated. Trust me! When you’re busy writing one content, this plugin will determine the obvious and related keywords from this content, search for similar content on your website and then, link both the articles. Also, this plugin helps in auto-linking tags and categories.

WordPress plugins are the small programs that can make huge differences to your WordPress websites, in a matter of few seconds.

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