Top 5 Reasons For Getting VoIP For Your Business

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September 29, 2012

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, has many benefits for businesses. Primarily, VoIP works as an Internet telephone service, and allows different people to connect via voice and video messages, either one to one, or as part of large networks and group conversations. The speed by which VoIP connects and stabilises a connection has also improved in the past few years, to the point that consumer and commercial usages can be maintained across different platforms. In terms of the benefits of VoIP for businesses, these range from cost effectiveness through to inter office communication, and include the flexibility of multi platform connections, scalability and broader network integration.

Cost Effective Calls

A VoIP system is much cheaper than a traditional telephone and networked call service. This is particularly the case for international calls, as well as more generally across different local networks. Overall, VoIP telephony can make up to 80% in savings from an older, wire based communications system. These cost savings can be passed onto other areas of the business, and can help to boost communications as a whole across a business.

Inter Office Communication

Most VoIP systems allow for free inter office calls. This makes it much easier to maintain communications within an office in terms of branch meetings, and also enables calls between different branches of a business. Conference calls become simplified, and the cost of doing remote business is significantly reduced. Having a VoIP system in place consequently means that large decisions can be sped up, and productivity increased.

Multi Platform

One of the key benefits of improvements to VoIP systems in terms of connectivity and extra features is that calls can now be maintained across different platforms, which include laptops, phones and tablets. This portability means that business trips can be coordinated with a home office, while emergencies can be dealt with via phone messages. Call flexibility similarly extends to client relationships, with people able to take calls at different times of the day, and at different locations.


It is possible for businesses to scale up their VoIP packages over time. A key feature for small businesses that want to gradually add in features, over time a VoIP package can include web inboxes, discounted and free calls, security features like caller IDs, and synchronisation with an overall virtual network for a business. Costs can consequently be managed and expanded depending on the needs of a business, with virtual expansions via online credit and cloud services offering flexibility.

Broader Integration

VoIP offers the chance for businesses to create an integrated communications service that routes all messages through a central system. Voice and video calls can be connected up to email servers, as well as real time messaging and other interfaces. This increased consolidation of communications ensures that calls can be made more consistent, and that staff can easily access client information when dealing with calls. From a management perspective, this integration also means that performance levels can be recorded and monitored for future changes and reports.

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