How to Prepare Your Website for Internet TV

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June 8, 2012

Perhaps you have already heard about Internet TV like Google TV– a new way of entertainment. Browsing the Web via TV from the comfort of your couch sounds very tempting. Add to that interaction via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, browsing the videos via YouTube or making a call via Skype, and these televisions of the future seem like a next best thing in the tech world.During the time when browsing the Web through mobile phones was hype many webmasters had to adjust their websites to be visible and usable for these devices. Now, they will also have to adjust their sites to the new standards for Internet TVs, since it is basically impossible to ignore new trends and developments. But the specifics are not yet clear yet. Nevertheless, here are some things that you can already do.

Check Your Code

First of all, you should make sure that there are no issues with your original code. This might seem obvious, but we all know how easily things can go wrong after some time. Your code was perfect when you launched your site, but gradual updates and improvements have probably made things much worse. But you probably paid no attention to those issues since everything worked just fine. Well, now is the right time for fixing everything.

Making your code cleaner is never a bad idea. And you will be able to make further adjustments more quickly. You can also try to make everything simpler (for example, use the most efficient formats for your pictures in order to improve the overall performance of your web page). Complicated sites are bound to have more problems than simple presentations.

If you already have access to a device that supports the Internet TV service, you can take a closer look at pages and services that are already optimized for Internet TVs. You can then easily incorporate some of the ideas into your own presentation. And, after you make those changes, you can actually check if everything works like it should. That is obviously a huge advantage, so you should think about buying a device that supports Internet TV as soon as possible. However, it is definitely not necessary to do so.

The Interface

Finally, you should probably think about your interface a little bit. You know, people are not going to use keyboard and mouse when they are sitting in front of their TV screens. As a result, you have to make sure that everything can be controlled very easily. If you need to remove some of your advanced features in order to do that, then you probably should, especially if you want to target huge audience. You can check the user-friendliness of your web page by accessing it through a mobile device – in that way, you can gather at least some insights. If everything looks fine, you are probably good to go.

As you can see, there are some things that you can do right now. Make your code cleaner, and try to test everything on a suitable device.

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