Why All Businesses Should Go For Online Data Backup Service?

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May 15, 2012

These days, losing a seemingly small piece of information or business data can cause massive loss to businesses and online backup service is a common solution to this problem. Online backup is a process in which a computer user regularly, usually weekly or daily, creates a backup for his or her vital data stored on computers or servers. Online backup service has been a massive step forward in ensuring protection of important data belonging to major companies.

There are various vendors that specialize in providing reliable online backup service, while some are even ready to give a free tutorial or free trial of their service to their customers. Subscribing to online backup service is fairly simple as you can get started by downloading data backup software on your PC and just follow instructions.

Online backup software has been programmed to collect data for backup which is specified by the user. The designated data or information is transferred to remote servers used by the service provider after compressing and running encryption on such files. The fact of the matter is that clients cannot afford to have strangers having unauthorized access to their confidential data; therefore, the encryption or coding done to secure data by the online data backup software is of paramount importance. Usually, even the technical staff and employees of the service provider are unable decrypt such data on its way to the remote servers. This entire process has been optimized over the years to minimize the chances of any infiltration by unauthorized personnel into the remote servers to use clients’ data.

Among some of the more popular service features, pre-determined data backup, binary data transfer and open file backup are also included. Certain data backup service vendors have developed software to allow clients to backup data while the files are still open and being used. On the other hand, certain software also support continuous data backup which is something banks and financial institutions always look for in order to comply with the latest FSA regulations.

Over the years great advances have been made in the online data backup industry, one of which is a feature which allows the software to identify and update any changes made to previously saved data. This particular feature saves time as creating a back up for the entire files database is not required rather only those files are updated which have been edited recently. It also ends up lowering your backup cost, while it also has a positive effect on your bandwidth and LAN connection traffic. These days, most vendors use software which is perfectly compatible with all the popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

The biggest advantage of opting for online data backup service over traditional backup techniques is that the entire process is done automatically as the software collects and transfers specified data on remote servers on a regular basis. In addition, the use of encryption by backup software to protect your files is another major plus. The bottom-line is that online data backup service has become a pre-requisite for the smooth running of any business as it guarantees complete protection of your business data no matter what.


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