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Demand for the Kindle Touch increases in the UK and Europe

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May 15, 2012

The Kindle Touch was released in the US back before Christmas in 2011, and was extremely successful due to its timely release and the low pricepoint that Amazon have become renowned for. It had been a few months in waiting, but the Kindle Touch was finally released in the UK and Europe at the end of April. It snook onto the scene without making too much of a fuss; adverts were on the Amazon homepage, and tech enthusiasts were in the know about the release, but other than that – nothing too major has been said about it. Infact, only this week has the Kindle Touch started to appear on TV ads for the Kindle – and even that is only a short mention at the end of a Kindle 4 dominated advert.

However, word is spreading about the device, and whilst it isn’t as cheap as Amazon’s previous release in the UK (the Kindle 4 which retails £20 cheaper) demand is picking up significantly, with people keen to try out the new ‘all-touchscreeen’ device. Whilst most of the world are still waiting for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, one of the cheapest and greatest value-for-money tablets around in the market today, it seems that the UK and Europe are pretty happy with the Touch eReader.

On the UK site of Amazon (Amazon.co.uk) the Kindle Touch has now became the top selling product in the electronics & photo category, overtaking the previously released Kindle 4. Whilst Amazon don’t disclose how many units have been sold, you can expect it to be far above the million unit mark throughout Europe.

The Kindle Touch is expected to remain as Amazon’s flagship eReader throughout the year, with no rumours or news currently surfacing regarding a new addition to the eReader family. There is, however, rumours of a Kindle Fire 2 hitting US shelves before the Kindle Fire ever hits the shelves in the UK. If true, this would be very disappointing indeed for those looking to get their hands on a cheap tablet.

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