Experience the New Dell XPS Laptop Series

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October 8, 2012

Dell is one of the highest rated, Silicon Valley American company, making sure that it remains on the top position in the computing market. The company started its business long ago, and is one of the founders of laptops and computer technology. However, the companies likeSony, HP, Apple, Samsung, Toshiba etc. all have been competing in the market since long, Dell laptops and computers are still the very popular computing systems.

As being one of the early manufacturers in the market, it hasthe first mover’s advantage. The Dell laptops have Intel based technology, and now as the computing world is advancing with the speed of a second, the Dell technology keep moving and innovating with their computing products too.

Let’s cover up the specs of Dell’s new XPS laptop, so you know how good they are with respect to any comparison.

Dell new XPS laptops

The new line comprises of the Dell XPS 14, 15 and 17. The specs key to the features include the Core i-Processors, with newest CPU technology in the A series. Now such laptops have NVIDA graphic cards attached to their motherboards, so you do not have to worry about the glare, retina displaying techniques and pixel distortion anymore. Other features are as follows:

1) As the name indicates, the XPS 14, 15 and 17 come in the sizes of 14 inches, 15 inches and 17 inches screens.

2) The price quotation may not at all be expensive when you compare the dell XPS series to other laptops, so it is all pretty much affordable.

3) There are two top cards available for graphics in the laptops of this series – the GeForce 420 M GT that you can use with the optional 425M GT memory dedicated with 2GB size.

4) The Dell 14 XPS can give a battery time of 5-6 hours sharp. It has a 6 cell based battery, and if you switch it to the 9 cell optional size you can get a maximum battery time of upto 9 hours.

5) The weight of the series starts with 5.35 pounds, and goes up to 7.5 pounds for the 17 inches XPS, so it is actually quite lighter to carry around to any place.

6) The 17 inches XPS has 2 RAM slots and can offer upto 16GB of RAM space.

7) A pair of 3.0 port USB is also available with the largest size XPS.

8) The shipping will start from November for the series officially.

Therefore, now as these laptops in the XPS series provide suchtechnology, it is evitable for you to justify their use as well. While you spend upto many dollars on the purchase, you have to make sure you provide a good theft cover, and accidental damage insurance to it. Covers and cases may do well, but are mainly good for avoiding scratches and other forms of cosmetic damage. Insurance will however protect it against theft and accidental damage.Protect your gadget with laptop insurance, so it is safer to use, and covered if suffers from theft, water damage, cracked screen or other forms of accidental damage.

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