Five Tips to Get the Best Plasma TV

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January 30, 2012

It is not without reasons that many people want to have plasma TV for their home entertainment. Well, in case that you need some justifications to follow some people who have their own plasma TV, here are some reasons that you need to know. First, plasma TV has a great picture quality. There are various colors that can be displayed by each individual pixel of plasma TV. This makes the images very vivid and lively. Second, plasma TV does not take large space. Instead, with only less than six inches deep, you can just hang it on a wall. Third, plasma TV is very flexible, for it can display from standard TV display, Blue Ray, gaming images, to HDTV. So, why should spend your relaxing time watching your old TV if you can have a more vivid entertainment with a plasma TV?

There are various models and types of plasma TV available on the market today. With that wide array of option, choosing the best one should become many people’s problem. Five tips bellow may be useful when you want to buy plasma TV.

1. Choose Proper Screen Size

Consider the space between the audience and where the TV plasma is placed. Remember, you do not want to damage your eyes by watching your TV too close. For your preference, at least there is 8-inched space between the audience and a 37-inched plasma screen, and there is at least 15-inched space for a 50-inched plasma screen.

2. Make Proper Connections

Choose plasma TV with some outlets you need for devices you need. For example, you may want plasma TV with HD multimedia interface, S-video, A/V jacks, video players, etc.

3. Plasma TV with HDTV

Find plasma TV with HDTV availability. For this, at least it should have 720 wide pixels. For example, 1024×768 plasma screen is high definition, because the width has 760 pixels.

4. Mounting Plasma TV

Mounting plasma TV can be done in some ways. It depends on your space availability. For example, with limited space, you can mount plasma TV flat against wall. Or, with little more space, you may want to mount your plasma TV on a stand.

5. Enjoy the Fun

After choosing your plasma TV and install it on your lazy room, just sit down and have some fun!

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