Police use Bluetooth Messages to fight crime

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January 26, 2012

Bluetooth technology is widely used within our techno-savvy society. It is used in targeting at-risk and youth groups in reducing crime and heightening awareness. How are police officers taking advantage of the technology? They are spreading messages to mobile users about crime prevention. The messages include safety tips while out on the town.  Law enforcement agencies are using wireless protocols in raising awareness in combating crimes while keeping our youth safe when out partying with friends.

How are police sending the safety messages?

Police use transmitters that are placed in their patrol cars to post messages with Bluetooth technology. Police strategically park in areas adjacent to colleges and schools in order to convey safety messages, which is a part of their safety campaign targeting the youth.  Bluetooth technology proves popular for younger people to share videos, pictures and multimedia content over the air.

Locating witnesses

Sometimes, police use the technology in locating witnesses to serious crimes in certain areas. Bluetooth can reach a vast number of users in a short period without needing phone numbers or personal information. The technology is not a new concept. The process of sending messages via this technology is not a new idea either, but it proves clear that law enforcement agencies have recognized the advantages of using the popular features.  Bluetooth proves popular which is why the police are banking on their campaigns to work with keeping community youths safe.

Are the messages mandatory?

Youths with Bluetooth technology can view incoming messages from their local police force via transmitters.  The messages are optional, and youth do not have to take the messages, if they do not want to see them.  Sometimes, youth choose to not enable their Bluetooth because it can quickly deplete their phone batteries.  It can also increase the risk of receiving viruses. Some people will dispute the fact that police agencies are invading people’s privacy. One obvious issue is the ability of determining a person’s exact location. Bluetooth 4.0 is set to be launched in the near future. This version will not require as much battery power and will intensify signal ranges up to speeds of 25 Mbps.

Privacy issues

Privacy advocates say that this technology is just another way for “Big Brother” to keep tabs on citizens without warrants.  This proves understandable for privacy advocates to make this statement considering that in order to put phone taps on someone’s phone, a warrant is required.  Is this another way for governments to evade legalities?


I believe that our law enforcement system is desperately trying to evolve in keeping up with modern technologies such as Bluetooth.  Eventually, in the near future, we will all probably be witness to changing of laws that will cover issues such as privacy. Until then, the technology is aiding in keeping the younger generation safe. This is a selfless act for any law enforcement agency to conduct. Our youth will not be harmed by receiving safety tips that might someday save their lives.

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