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Mobile Gaming through the Years

Snake got a shake-up; double snakes, the ability to pull off a ‘quantum style leap’ from one end of your screen to the other, but it just wasn’t enough – we wanted birds, and we wanted them angry. Ok, not that we knew it at the time, but there were only ever so many pixels the Nokia screen could provide before your snake ultimately blacked out your game; great while it lasted, but for the technology industry, and users of the mobile phone, it was onwards and upwards.

How to keep your kids safe on online gaming websites

Kids love online games and undoubtedly, they are prone to the perils of online gaming. Therefore, it becomes the duty of the parents to safeguard their kids from any kind of unpleasant situation that may arise as a result of online gaming. Here are some safety tips for online gaming that parents of game addicted kids should follow:

Five great action games for Android and iOS

So you have an iPhone, but you decided to purchase an Android as well because you like both. If that’s the case we would like to show you what can be purchased in both iTunes and Google Play stores so you can experience those games on both devices. Fasten your seat belts because we are starting with a fast one.

Game On With Your BlackBerry Phones

Game On With Your BlackBerry Phones

How do we play? We all play differently. Some want to play outdoors. They want to run, hide under trees, swim in lakes, and bike around the suburb. Some want to play indoors. They want to play games like chess, scrabble, or boggle, watch Dora the Explorer, and probably do some cooking, with parental guidance of course. Playing has been a common concept since forever. From baked mud shaped into pies and pots to ceramic dolls and toy cars, we play. No one is exempted from it. Even if the person does not have a pretty childhood, they still remember times when they played in their own little ways. Like when you sell BlackBerrys, we always have the option of what we want to do. And playing is always a great option.

20 Best iPhone iPad Games

The iPhone and the iPad are quickly becoming the most desired mobile devices of serious gamers. The app store has what seems to be a limitless amount of games that are available for download to either the iPhone or the iPad. It is a great way to enjoy some of the games that you love while you are on the go. Below is a list of the 20 best games that are available for download to your iPhone or iPad.

Some of My Favorite Computer Games

When I need a break from blogging, I generally sit down and play my favorite computer games. My personal favorites are time management/strategy games. I’m always on the lookout for new games but so far here is a list of ones I’ve really enjoyed to date.

Gangnam Style: Skyrim

You must have listened to the song Gangnam Style by the Korean artist PSY that is going viral on the internet. On top of that, many covers based on the original by random people have flooded Youtube. But have you imagined of game characters dancing to the song? Well someone has put a real effort into a youtube video and makes warriors from Skyrim dance to Gangnam Style. Here’s the video Skyrim : Gangnam Style.

Online and mobile technology to transform gaming industry

It looks like not a day pass by without discovering something new related with Smartphones and other “Smart” portable devices such as iPad. Information that gaming is huge on Smartphones is not such fresh information but latest reports say that “boxes” such as PlayStation and Xbox might become a thing of the past.

Role-Play, an Exciting Second Life in Free MMO Games

We have many issues in our lives while facing and battling difficulties such as challenges and deadlines. Mostly, we tend to forget that we should take a break from our daily routines in order for us to be more productive than we are. As our lifestyles become more technology – based, everyone forgets to enjoy life and become busier than our usual routine. We cannot seem to take a break from all those, even while we sleep. In addition, we somehow cannot escape from all the demands of our jobs, studies or other preoccupation.