Everything everyone needs to know about VPN

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July 15, 2012

VPN is known as virtual private network. Here in this article you will find “How a Virtual Private Network Works”.
VPN is the one technology which has made a huge impact on business world in computer networking. This technology has brought down the use of paper work by sharing the data in a simple manner. Of all types of networks, the Virtual private network has been set up as single one.

What is VPN?

The VPN is a private network, which uses the internet to connect the users and remote sites together. It makes use of virtual connections connected by internet to a network of business. Main reason why people have started using VPN is that it ensures security to business. IT means that people cannot access the data or see data stored without permission, since it has been in the encrypted format.
The VPN make use of a type of network known as the WAN (Wide Area Network). Which means that, it achieves connectivity by not using the private leased lines, but it makes use of internet to connect all the systems together to share data mutually?

VPN works on its own set of software programs, security and protocols which enables the user computer secure type of connectivity. Meanwhile more importantly the technology is used by more number of business organizations because it is singnificanlly known as the low alternative cost.

Types of VPN

Based on the number of location of networks the system connected by the VPN is classified in to different types. This type of network has three ways to get connected to a system. Among all those one of the common types of connection used is known as the remote client access through the VPN. Which means that through this connection, it enables the employees working in a company to access the connection called the Intranet?

The VPN connected through a two LAN(Local area Networ) linked together is the second type.

The third type of connection is known as the Private Intranet connection.

Let us look into the working of VPN

Of all the types of VPN, the most common type which gives access to an intranet of a company is known as the remote access via VPN. It woks on the server to client based type of protocol model. Through the internet connections the private network is connected to the VPN. The programs in the client side are installed in all the computers which are in need of remote access.

Using the ISP, the client server establishes and connects all the systems together in a company by VPN. This is done only after verification of the user by entering the user name and password correctly. If the VPN connection is established on a network, the remote computer system can get access to the private network.

Benefits of VPN

This system enables us to get connected to long distance connectivity between multiple branches of the organization to provide secure data transfer by encryption. Meanwhile it can also enable video conferencing and data transfer. By following this method one can reduce the costs which are involved in maintaining the long distance network connection and it also reduces the costs of the operations involved.

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