Traffic Generation In The New Era Of 2013 – Part 1

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March 19, 2013

The first and the primary aim for any site to succeed is traffic. No matter how good a blog is, if there is less traffic the outcome shall also be less. Unquestionably, there are several ways to generate traffic. Some ways are not applicable to some blogs, and some are. This determination of whether a specific traffic generation activity would work or not depends entirely on the site’s niche and the owner’s decisions and willingness.

In this short series, four different phases of generating traffic shall be looked at and discussed in a detailed manner.

The first and the foremost concern of any site, especially a blog is the content that is being delivered. No matter how well designed the blog is, it’s the content that is being looked and concentrated at the most. Since a bunch of years, it is being said that “Content Is King“. But does it yet prove to be the same? Is everything dependent on the quality of the content? Does nothing else count to be important for the site to increase the amount of traffic it receives? Let’s take a look at all the questions’ answered.

“Content is King” – Is This Statement Yet True?

As mentioned above, content is given the highest priority no matter what niche the site resides in. Gone are those days when a site could be on the first page of Google just by stuffing it with an enormous number of keywords all around its pages/posts.

In the current generation, search engines (especially Google) give a very high importance and priority to the quality of the content. It doesn’t really want a high keyword density, nor want’s a lot of images with the alt tags. All it wants the blogs to focus on is the eminence of the content being produced and delivered to the people looking for the same.

If two writers, one being an experienced and knowledgeable one and the other being a newbie, are given a chance to write on the same topic and post on different blogs having the same reputation (in the form of PR, fan-base etc.), the article delivered by the experienced and proficient writer shall definitely rank better than the article written by the new writer. This is because it is obvious that the first writer knows the niche well, and writes for the readers not the search engine bots. On the other hand, the newbie writer might (usually) be guided to practice inefficient SEO that will definitely not let the article reach the top of the SERPs.

With Google’s Panda update in 2011, it was confirmed that a team of real humans was setup to actually check thousands of sites on a daily basis and determine whether the content produced was worth ranking high or not. Before any of such major update, the so-called black hat SEO was running at its best. Spammers were busy building hundreds of links without caring about the content that was linked.

It is obvious that compared to the bots, humans are much more efficient in deciding upon the quality of the content. Even your site might have been read by one of the team members!

In fact, even Google’s Webmaster Tools Team wants quality content – and that’s what it actually appreciates.


It is very clear that to generate traffic, especially in 2013 when the algorithms are changing and getting better for the users on a regular basis, the quality of the content shall be given more priority. Even though other SEO factors shall also be considered, the eminence of the content shall decide whether the article is indeed deserving to rank high on the SERPs or not.

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