Build Your Own Website with Website Builder Technology

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April 13, 2012

As an internet user you might take for granted websites which offer easy-on-the-eyes design and tremendous usability but only when you have to create a website of your own will you realize how much time and effort is required to prop up an efficient website. While, technically speaking, a website is created when a web designer and a web developer join forces to come up with a brilliant design, these days most small-scale employers wish to hire only one individual who possesses both aspects of website building.

Whether you run a small business or a large one, going online is inevitable and so is setting up a website to promote your business, to propagate your sales pitch and to allow your customers to file online orders. Nevertheless, the cost of hiring a professional web designer has risen drastically in recent years and many small companies and online entrepreneurs simply do not have enough resources to afford them. But what compounds the problem is the fact that designing complex websites requires technical knowledge of web designing which most entrepreneurs do not possess. In this grim scenario free website builder software programs have come much to the relief of small-scale entrepreneurs as now even they can create visually attractive and technically efficient websites without much ado.

The website builder software technology has panned out a level playing field for all stakeholders without any discrimination. Presently, a small business has a great opportunity to either use website builder software products or to opt for free web designing tools to make their online presence felt with a touch of class.

Instead of hiring the services of a pro web designing service, opting for website builder software technology can lead to a cost-efficient solution. As an entrepreneur who is still settling in the online arena, saving a few hundred bucks can be of great assistance to you and by opting for the ‘DIY approach’ you can make it happen.

In addition, website builder software technology has become so popular simply because it does not involve any technical expertise. You do not have to be proficient in HTML, JavaScript, Flash or PHP to be able to design web pages. Most of the software use ‘what you see is what you get’ technology which provides a quick preview to the user of the results of his or her efforts. There are literally hundreds of websites which offer you the opportunity to design your own website for free including Google Sites, Wix, Webnode, DoodleKit and Yola.




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