Create your own mazes for Pacman

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April 12, 2011

You must remember Google’s Pacman Doodle from some time ago that actually let anyone play the game right on Google’s Homepage. Pacman is one of the oldest games in the history of video games. In a Pacman Game, you emerge from the opposite side after entering from a side. Now, this limit is surpassed by World’s Biggest Pacman.

World's largest pacman

World’s Biggest Pacman is a browser based game that requires HTML5 supporting browser. In World’s Biggest Pacman, you don’t emerge from the other side but rather enter a new maze after entering a side. You can create your own maze and play in it. But you’ll have to connect with Facebook before being able to create mazes. Or if you simply want to play, you can do so by picking a location, or say a maze already created by others.

You can see your maze stats in the right hand column which shows  the number of pac dots you’ve eaten, ghosts eaten, number of mazes played and more.

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  • kelly wang

     i dont get it!

  • Fdsadff

    hi? its virus?

  • precogtyrant

    does it look like it?

  • Cocosneaky96

    yea its not letting me create a maze