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Tron:Legacy graphic novel by Disney built in HTML5

Many cool apps and online tools hit the internet everyday and HTML5 surely has revolutionized the use of beautiful interactive components on websites. Disney and Vectorform have built the Disney Tron:Legacy Digital graphic book. Tron:Legacy Graphic Novel is built on Internet Explroer 9 Hardware Accelerated HTML5. Tron:Legacy is made using HTML5 canvas and audio tags.

Create your own mazes for Pacman

Pacman is one of the oldest games in the history of video games. In a Pacman Game, you emerge from the opposite side after entering from a side. Now, this limit is surpassed by World’s Biggest Pacman. You can now create your own mazes for Pacman.

Design Web icons with X Icon Editor

How fond are you of web icons? If you love them, you must have downloaded web icons time and again that look more or less appealing to you. X Icon Editor is a free HTML5 web application that lets you design web icons in a jiffy.

Turn any image to a HTML 5 Coloring picture

Since HTML5 came into play, people have tried out lots of interesting stuff using HTML5. HTML5 adds a flash like interactivity to a webpage and there are a great many things made with HTML5 already such as games and other fun applications. Farbzauber is a very cool HTML5 based application that you can use to turn your image into a coloring sketch or black and white picture.

Scrabbly – A Massively Multiplayer Online crossword Puzzle Game

Scrabb.ly is a multiplayer crossword game website that is similar to a popular board game. The beauty of this thing is that, everyone playing the game would be playing it at the same time on a single large Board. Everyone sees the tiles from others in real time as they play.