GetResponse: Total Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Solution

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October 23, 2016

As online marketing continues to become more diverse and complex, all businesses need advanced tools to reach their target audience with increased brand visibility, brand awareness, traffic, conversion and sales. GetResponse, with over 350,000 clients across 182 nations, reaches more than a billion subscribers every month. It is a total email marketing and marketing automation solution that offers better value than its competition for each dollar you spend.

Total Marketing Solution from GetResponse

GetResponse’ total marketing solution includes the following marketing methods:

  • Email Marketing: Create stunning emails using thousands of responsive templates and integrate your email marketing campaigns with powerful features for better conversion. Create fully customizable campaigns.
  • Marketing Automation: Assess the subscriber’s behavior and data and automate your customers’ complete journey using powerful tools.
  • Webinars: Reach them in a more effective and engaging way and boost your engagement rates and conversions.
  • Landing Pages: Create elegant and high-conversion landing pages using hundreds of editable, unique templates and images.


Email Marketing

One of GetResponse’ most powerful features are its complete email marketing solution. Create beautiful, professional-looking, responsive emails that can be created in just minutes without any advanced technical know-how.

Boost your subscriber and sales engagement. It takes just minutes to build and run your email campaigns.

2-autoresponderThe main features of GR’s email marketing campaigns include:

  • High deliverability.
  • Hundreds of editable email templates to choose from.
  • Auto Responders 2.0 – powerful feature.
  • Advanced segmentation for targeted reach.
  • Dynamic content.
  • Responsive designs that allow you to reach everyone on any device.

Marketing Automation

GetResponse provides you access to powerful marketing automation solution without costing you a fortune like most of the competition. You can create scalable workflows based on your customers’ journeys even if you are a new user without much technical knowledge.


GetResponse’ marketing automation solution is for businesses of all sizes. You can create fully scalable workflows using nothing more than a simple drag-and-drop creator. Its easy-to-use tools allow you to keep track of subscriber behavior in real time and take automated and controlled reactions based on their actions – abandoned carts, purchases or others.

Lead Acquisition

Every business wants to increase their leads while keeping the acquisition costs low. With GetResponse, you can build high-conversion squeeze pages and elegant web forms instantly. It takes just a click to add all contacts to your list. The List Building Program allows you to grow your marketing list by 10,000 subscribers within 3 months.

Drag-and-Drop Designing

This is another fascinating feature that helps GetResponse stand out from the crowd. Create professional-looking landing pages and emails in just minutes. You also don’t have to get into the coding.

You can be entirely new to online marketing or an expert marketer, GetResponse allows you to take control over your designing and marketing campaign without the need for hiring any other help. Its drag-and-drop editors cover everything including:

  • Image editor.
  • Email creator.
  • Landing page editor.
  • Over a thousand iStock images.
  • Hundreds of landing page templates.
  • Hundreds of email templates.
  • Multimedia studio.
  • Responsive design.

Custom Landing Pages

5-landing-page-templatesAs already mentioned, you can create custom, high-converting landing pages as part of GetResponse’ marketing solution. Create fully responsive, beautiful and high-conversion landing pages using GR’s drag-and-drop editor and hundreds of unique landing pages. The drag-and-drop editor is so powerful that you can transform all your ideas into profit-making actions. You can build professional-looking web pages for sales, opt-ins, webinars, thank you messages, and much more. It takes just minutes to create high-conversion pages without the need for any coding.

List Management for Success

GetResponse’ list management feature allows you to take control of your list and campaigns. Add new contacts instantly, manage all your data in real-time and build targeted campaigns. When you want to know what your subscribers and customers are looking for, you can build interactive online surveys to get the valuable info.


Some of the main features associated with GetResponse’ list management include:

  • Advanced search.
  • Real-time data export.
  • Opt-in list imports.
  • Advanced segmentation.
  • Online surveys.
  • Custom fields.

Mobile Campaign Management

With GetResponse’ Android, iOS and Kindle apps you can run your email marketing campaigns from anywhere and remain on top at all times. Send emails, track performance, add subscribers, or manage your list on the go.

Powerful Analytics

Running your campaigns without effective tracking doesn’t make any sense.  GetResponse’ real-time analytics help you maximize your ROI. Get all the key info on your fingertips and adjust and adapt your campaigns to keep increasing the returns.


Find out what the open rates are for your email campaigns or autoresponder. Find out the number of clicks received on the link, the devices used by your subscribers and much more.

Some of the main features of GetResponse’ analytics tools include:

  • Track activities in real time.
  • Track CTR, Opens, and goals.
  • Geolocation and subscription stats.
  • Mobile views reports.
  • Global view.
  • OS results.


Inbox previews, A/B testing, and spam checker are just few of the dozens of other features that make GetResponse one of the best email marketing and marketing automation tools out there. You can sign up for a free trial account to see if it fits your needs.


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