How to use Food Buzz

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February 11, 2012

Blogs were once a strange phenomena limited to techies. That stigma is long gone and, perhaps, the biggest blogging niche belongs to the foodies. Food blogs are everywhere and their writes range from big time magazines to stay-at-home moms to professional chefs. Do you want an obscure Indian recipe? You can bet there’s a blog that focuses on just that.

For a food-loving writer, it is intimidating to break into the food blog universe for this very reason. Every niche of food-dom has at least a handful of writers already covering it. It’s easy to wonder if starting your own food blog is worth it because you are unsure if you’ll ever be seen. is a community of food bloggers and serves as a tool to develop one’s own place in the world of food blogs. However, it can be very confusing to use, especially for beginners. Here are some tips to get started, so you can begin sharing your foodie love online.

Develop your profile

If you are on Food Buzz then you probably want to build your own image, so be sure you fully develop your profile. On it, you can – and obviously should – have your own blog URL, but it’s also important to spend the time filling in the rest. Add a picture, a quotation, and your favorite restaurants. Remember that this is a community, so other members want to feel like they know something about you before they promote you.

Buzz and friend others on Foodbuzz

Take the time to “buzz” new users and new friends. If someone friends you, write a friendly comment. It’s a great idea to write something genuine rather than generic, so check out their blog, style, and food before you type. Friend new members so that you get more friends. The more friends you have, the more people you can show your blog posts to.

Comment regularly

Take the time to click through friend’s posts to their actual blogs. Read the posts and comment on them. Consider it the food blogger’s Golden Rule; you want people to read and comment on your posts, so do the same for them. In your comment, you can always mention that you found them through Food Buzz to help develop that relationship.

Post and share on Foodbuzz

You can share photos, blog posts, reviews, videos and morewith your friends. When sharing, you can click to submit to all of your friends. This way, your blog posts – or whatever you submit – will end up in the inboxes of every Food Buzz friend. The more posts you share and the more friends you have, then the more people who may travel over to your food blog.

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