Play MP3 files on your browser without Flash

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June 25, 2011

You can play MP3 songs right on the browser from lots of music streaming websites. Websites that offer music downloads also let you listen to a song directly from their site using MP3 player widgets. But these MP3 players or decoders require Flash player installed on your computer. But now with jsmad, MP3 players or decoders can be integrated without using Flash. Jsmad is a Javascript powered decoder with which browsers can play and decode MP3 files for you without Flash player installed on your computer.

Whats cool is that jsmad also has support for ID3 tags. Jsmad works out of the box without requiring any additional installations of plugins. Jsmad works with Firefox 4, 5, 6 and Aurora as well. Besides that it works for different versions of Chrome including Chrome 12, 13, Canary etc. But for jsmad to work with Chrome, you should enable the Web Audio API. It doesn’t work on Opera, Safari, Mobile Safari and Android browser as they don’t have Audio Data API.

On their website, you can enter the .fm track ID of any song or upload a local MP3 file to play it using jsmad. Although it is not supported by all browsers, jsmad can be a revolutionary idea for the future to build audio applications and MP3 players based on Javascript.

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