Tips about Exit Popups

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February 13, 2012

Exit popups aren’t used very frequently – probably because webmasters are unaware of how powerful they are, or even that such popups exist. But exit popups do exist and it will be a pity to miss the chances they offer. Exit popups are less annoying but if you manage to capture the attention of the user, they could be very efficient for making sales and/or gaining new subscribers. Here are some tips how to use exit popups for maximum efficiency.

Get a WordPress Popup Plugin

Out of the many ways in which you can use an exit popup, the easiest is to get a WordPress plugin that supports exit popups. In this case all you have to do is install the plugin and write the text of the message. There are many WordPress popup plugin but not all of them have the exit popup option. Therefore, if you are firm you will be using exit popups, check if the plugin you plan to get supports them or not.

Basically, if your WordPress popup plugin supports exit popups, it supports either JavaScript alert boxes, or a lightbox opt-in popup. Popup Domination is the best popup plugin not only in terms of exit popups but as far as they are concerned, it is the only plugin that supports both JavaScript alert boxes and the lightbox opt-in popups.

Write a Concise Message

It is never a good idea to write novels inside a popup because the user will hardly bore to read them but with exit popups a concise message is even more important. First, you don’t have lots of space to get wordy. If you plan to add images and other stuff (you can do it with the lightbox opt-in plugin but not with the JavaScript alert box), this also eats from the limited space you have.

Second, since you are displaying the popup when the user is about to leave, this basically implies he or she is heading to somewhere else and will hardly have the urge to read lengthy explanations. This is why you need to keep your message short – this gives you a better chance to be heard.

Embed Your Message in External Links

One of the perks of exit popups is that you can embed your message in external links. This means that when the user is about to leave your site by following a link to an external site, your message is shown and this is your last chance to impress the user. Take chance of this opportunity and make a last good impression. This might not stop the user but it increases the chances for a repeat visit.

Exit popups are pretty straightforward to use. Still, because generally exit popups are underused, users aren’t fed up with them and are more tolerant. You can use exit popups standalone or together with conventional popups. Just make some effort to make them interesting and monitor how they convert and this will give you an idea if they will work for you or not.

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