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Top Free Android Apps to Create Custom Ringtones

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February 14, 2012

Mobile phones hardly have any identity without ringtones. And that is why having a custom ringtone is really important. Depending on what your taste is — you might want to cut out a part from your favorite song or you might want to use a really cool sound. Whatever you want as your own custom ringtone, here are a few ways to make that ringtone for free on your Android phone.

Ringtone Architect

Ringtone Architect
Ringtone Architect is a simple ringtone-making app for Android phones. It has a very straight forward interface where you can choose the audio file you want to turn in to a ringtone and then go to the editing screen. The editing screen has narrow strip that shows a zoomed out view of the whole track and a large zoomed in view of the part that you are working on. There are end and beginning markers that you can drag to set your start and end points. The area between these two markers will be your ringtone. You can also apply fade in and out. Once you are done, hit save to create a ringtone or set the sound as another tone like alarm or notification.

Ringtone Maker by Big Bang

Ringtone Maker by Bing Bang
Ringtone Maker made by Big Bang is a simple to use Android ringtone maker app. It lets you cut out a ringtone from a song you own or record an external sound to make in to a ringtone. The editor screen is simple. It is dominated by a large waveform display of the sound. The waveform has zoom controls and you can zoom in to fine tune your selection or zoom wide out to get to another section quickly. There are start and end markers that you can drag to mark the start and end points of your ringtone. There are play, skip forwards and backwards buttons along with a save button. You can save the created tone as a ringtone, alert tone, etc. It is quite straightforward and is great for any user.

MP3 Ringtone Maker by LuckyStar

MP3 Ringtone Maker lets you take any song from your phone’s library and turn it in to a ringtone. The ringtone editor screen is very simple and straightforward. It has a large waveform display with zoom controls and start/end markers. You can drag these markers to cut out the exact part that you want as your ringtone. Below the waveform are skipping and play/pause buttons. Beside these buttons is the save button. Once you are satisfied with the cut you have made, tap on save to name and save your newly made tone.

Ringtone Maker by Mobile17

This app is also called Ringtone Maker and is developed by mobile17. It is a simple ringtone making app that lets you edit an audio file from your library. The editor screen features a drag bar for choosing your starting time. Below that is a length counter that automatically sets the endpoint that many seconds later from the starting point. The maximum you can have is forty. A unique feature of this app is that you get suggestions for popular selections made by others who are also using this app and the mobile17 web service.


Myxer the Android App is an extension of the Myxer web service. It is a simple ringtone-making app that allows you to choose and edit an audio track from your phone in to a ringtone. The editor screen has a waveform display with start/end markers like most of the other similar apps. What makes this one unique is that it displays popular selections for the song as made by other Myxer users. You can then play/pause and skip both ways. Once you are satisfied with your edit, you can save it. Myxer also offers free ringtones for download from its own catalogue.

Online apps: Melofania.com

There are a lot of online web apps that allow you to create a ringtone for free. They work on similar principles and are mostly flash based. Since Android supports Flash still, you can also access those sites and create your ringtones. Melofania is one such place where you get a lot of popular different ringtones for free and you can also upload a song to Melofania and choose the part that you want. It is extremely fast and gets done in 3 steps. Upload, edit and download.

So if you are bored with your average ringtone or simply want to make a statement every time your phone rings — custom ringtones are definitely the way to go. Given the wide range of options that you have, you should have no problem in quickly finding one that you like.

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