Manage your bookmarks online using Boonote

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June 10, 2011

BoonoteManaging bookmarks and migrating them to another device can be a real pain sometimes. With people using Internet on computers, mobiles and tablets, they want their bookmarks to be accessible from any place on the earth. With Boonote, you can save and manage your bookmarks online and sync them through various devices.

With Boonote, you can manage bookmarks in different folders. To add a bookmark, simply give a name for it and enter the URL. Boonote panel sits neatly at the left hand side and upon opening a bookmark, the website opens up in the same tab. On mobile devices, it loads in the full screen.

You can add any number of bookmarks into a folder, edit or delete them. Boonote also has an easy notes feature that lets you copy paste snips from the website you’re viewing. Boonote also has a search bar with which you can search via Google, Yahoo or Bing. Besides, Boonote has about 16 colors personalize your page.

Boonote also has plugins for Firefox and Chrome with which you can easily add a bookmark via a button at the top.

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  • Gerard

    To manage your bookmarks you can use a bookmark manager called Advanced Url Catalog.