Top plug-ins to enhance Facebook experience

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August 20, 2012

Plug-ins today not only enhance your experience of a particular software but complete it. Once you start using the right plug-ins, you will wonder how you ever got through never using them at all. Every application has something that you can add to – whether it is browsers like Chrome or Firefox, social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, or your own smartphones – Android or iOS. For Facebook however, the most popular social media network, plug-ins can personalize your experience all the more. You can choose from a variety of plug-ins depending on your need, which do everything from reading aloud your Facebook messages to returning a poke automatically, but here are a few which have made the top list, by popular use, and which are used across platforms.

  1. LiveUpload to Facebook: This particular Plug-in is meant for the Windows Live Photo Gallery as well as the Windows Live Movie Maker. Essentially, it will help you upload your photos and videos easily and quickly using the two aforementioned programs. You can either upload an album which already lies on your drive, or create a new one altogether; and if you have tagged someone on the Windows Live Photo Gallery, that will show up as tagged on Facebook too. No more redoing tags.
  2. Facebook Video Chat: Facebook has no capacity to arbitrate a video chat on its own unless you use Skype, but this third party plug-in does the job well enough. On your Facebook chat window, you will see a webcam, a mic along with other icons. Although this is not truly necessary with the integration of Skype you may want to check it out anyway as a good alternative. Facebook Video chat plug-in is for those times when Skype just does not work.
  3. Facebook Messenger for Windows: This is the first official program by Facebook that can work as a desktop app, and it allows you to chat with your friends without the need to separately log in. It also gives you news feed and notifications, which show up as pop ups on your desktop. It is very useful when you are doing other important things on the computer but still need to have that chat with your friend!
  4. Social Fixer: This used to be known as Better Facebook once upon a time, but the name is altered now, although it still works on the same principle. It is a Firefox plug-in for Facebook, and you can install it fairly easily and note changes at once. The plug-in helps to keep more organized on Facebook, which is very useful, since FB changes its user interface every few years. You get all your wall messages as tabs, and customize pretty much every Facebook detail with Social Fixer. This takes  a little getting used to, but once you start using Better Fixer, you will see just how unorganized your FB page once used to be. The site becomes easier to browse because you have as many filters as you could want. You can customize sidebars, as well as add features to Facebook through the plug-in.

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