Clear chat history option is back on Facebook

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October 15, 2010

There were some major changes in Facebook last week like the introduction of the New Groups, Group chat feature, backup option for personal data etc. The introduction of group chat also had its impact on the normal chat as the profile picture thumbnails could be seen on normal chat box as well. But Facebook had removed the “Clear chat history” option which was a bit odd as there was no point in removing it. Many users had protested the removal with a point that it was violating user privacy. Facebook has responded to their protests and has conceded that the option for deleting the chat history shouldn’t be removed.

Earlier the sources had claimed that According to sources they removed the button due to load issues caused by new reliance on Group chats, as chat data older than 14 days would have to make a Database hit which would eventually overlaod the server and cause a lag in the site’s overall performance. Facebook promises to return the “Clear chat history” button very soon. They made a statement as follows,

“Based on the tests, we’ve decided to keep the ‘clear chat history’ link and to optimize it’s placement within the Chat interface. Given its low usage, we are placing it at the top of the Chat scroll ― where it is still easily accessible without cluttering UI space throughout the course of the chat. We believe this solution strikes a good balance between the many different interests of the millions of people on Facebook Chat.”

The button will probably remain in its previous place i.e. towards the top of the chat window.

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