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Kindle Touch – How successful will it be in Europe?

The Kindle Touch is Amazon’s flagship eReading device, and will soon be available in the UK for £109 for the Wi-Fi version or £139 for the 3G version, and will be available throughout Europe and the UK on the same date of 27th April 2012.

Amazon Kindle on Fire as WiFi Issues Plague the New Tablet; Down in Flames?

The Kindle. Amazon released the first Kindle back in 2007, and it cost almost as much as a tablet nowadays at $399. It was a simple model with the unique ability to look like a book with its special ink technology. Now having gone through the Kindle 2, the Kindle DX and the third generation Kindle with a keyboard, the Kindle has moved into the fourth generation with three new models: Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire.

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5 Classic Kindle Games for Geeks

If you recently scored a Kindle and now seek fun Kindle games to pass the time while you’re getting to and from work or school, below is a list of five classic Kindle games aimed at geeks.

5 Reasons why the Amazon Kindle Makes a Better World

Having recently gotten into Amazon’s e-reader craze by purchasing the third and latest iteration of the Kindle device, I have become an absolute adept. In fact, I believe this little device will certainly make the world a better place, for reasons that will be detailed in this article.