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Type quicker and smarter on your Windows computer

Who doesn’t want to save time in typing text? If you are a person who regularly deals with word processing applications like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice etc. you would wish that some of your words and sentences got autocompleted on the fly. A quick and easy solution for typing faster is Phrase Express. Phrase Express is a free utility that lets you organize your frequently used text snippets and helps you type faster.

Tag your friends in Facebook comments in a better way

Facebook allows tagging friends on status updates and comments as well. You can even tag Facebook pages on Status updates. To tag friends in status updates or comments, you simply start typing a friend’s...

Autocomplete with Google Scribe

Google never seems to back off from doling out totally new and useful services. Google Scribe now falls in the line of the utilities launched by Google. You are all familiar with the autocomplete...

Funny Google Suggestions

Google’s suggestion is helpful and can sometimes be too weird that would make you laugh. Autocompleteme is a site, specifically a blog, that keeps track of funny Google suggestions and posts them as screenshots.

Firefox Mobile Browser – Fennec

Mozilla, has released the alpha version of Firefox mobile web browser, codenamed Fennec. But at present, it is only available for Nokia 810 and Nokia 800 mobile phones. Mozilla is currently using these internet tablets as a platform for testing their browser publicly. Fennec Mobile browser is also available for desktop computers running on Windows, Mac or Linux. Most of the people probably do not own Nokia 810 or Nokia 800 Internet Tablet, so they can have a taste of this browser, right on their desktop.