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Bing Experiments With Ads In Organic Search Results

Just one week after earnings statements revealed Microsoft earned a record $69.9 billion in 2010, reports emerged that company search engine Bing was experimenting with a new search model that would mix paid ads in with organic search results. The announcement came as a shock to search engine optimization professionals who work to link searchers with companies organically.

Bing Streetside from Microsoft

Google Streetview is getting widely popular and until now is the best means to get a panoramic view of streets around the world. The fact that Google Streetview captures images which many a times have risen questions of privacy violation by people in Europe and America. Recently, Microsoft has appeared in the scene with Bing Streetside. The service is currently available only in Seattle, San Francisco and Vancouver in Canada.

Convert currency with your favorite search engines

Some people frequently need to convert currency and use the conversion charts. But in the advanced age of internet and with the development of many online tools, converting currency using the currency conversion charts and flicking open the calculator doesn’t look practical. There are lots of websites where you can find that provide currency conversion tools. But how about using your very favorite search engines for currency conversion?

Bing API for developers

Microsoft’s Bing is out for a while now. Many of us have already tested Bing and found it to be much faster and user friendly than Live search. Well developers get ready for the Bing API. Bing has a very good REST API.

Compare search results of Google with Bing

Even before its official release, the talks of Bing have been going around. It takes time to decide whether Bing can really be a substitute for Google. Bing has some really cool features and the search results are pretty much impressive than those of Live search. Well you can compare the results from Google and Bing yourself.

Microsoft comes up with its new search engine Bing

Microsoft is soon rolling out its new search engine, Bing. Formerly known as Kumo, Bing is the latest effort by Microsoft in the Search Engine scenario after live search. It is expected to be public from June 3, 2009. Rumors have it that Microsoft will be investing a 100 million dollars for its promotion.