Convert currency with your favorite search engines

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January 17, 2011

Some people frequently need to convert currency and use the conversion charts. But in the advanced age of internet and with the development of many online tools, converting currency using the currency conversion charts and flicking open the calculator doesn’t look practical. There are lots of websites where you can find that provide currency conversion tools. But how about using your very favorite search engines for currency conversion?

Almost all the major search engines support quick currency conversion. Converting via these search engines also gives the exact data as per the current currency rate. Google, Yahoo or Bing all display a unique bar at the top when any amount in some of the standard currencies are entered. For example, if you enter 500 Euros into the Google Search Box, it will give you the converted results in dollars. Or if you enter 25 Kronor, you will get the figure that would get an amount equivalent to it in US Dollars.
Google Currency Conversion
The result is in US Dollars for Google’s main domain i.e. . For other countries it differs variously. For example, if you visit Google’s domain for UK i.e., you will get the conversion results in British Pounds. Similarly, for Google Norway, you’ll get the results in Norwegian Kronor.

But you can tweak the results a bit. For example, if you enter the query “25 dollars to Yen”, you’ll get the conversion results in Yen, no matter which country you visit from. The same trick works for Yahoo and Bing as well. You can enter an amount in any currency and you’ll get the results in the currency of your country.  Or if you want the conversion results in some specific currency, you can do the same thing as mentioned above, i.e. also mention the currency that you want the results in.

But these search engines only show details for the most widely used currencies, or the currencies of developed countries. For example, if a person from Nepal enters the query “500 euros” he still gets the results in Dollars. Well in such case, comes in handy. If you don’t know much about Wolfram Alpha, watch this explanatory video on Wolfram Alpha.Wolfram Alpha supports conversion in almost any currency in the world. If you are using the Internet from Nepal and submit the query, “100 Dollars” in the Wolfram Alpha’s search box, you’ll get the converted amount in Nepalese currency. It supports a wide range of currencies than the ones supported by the search engines like Yahoo or Bing. Wolfram Alpha is also available for Android devices.
Wolfram Alpha Currency Conversion
Using these tricks with these most widely used search engines, you can easily convert any amount to another currency on the fly.

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