Microsoft comes up with its new search engine Bing

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May 29, 2009

bing searchMicrosoft is soon rolling out its new search engine, Bing. Formerly known as Kumo, Bing is the latest effort by Microsoft in the Search Engine scenario after live search. It is expected to be public from June 3, 2009. There are rumors saying that Microsoft will be spending $100 million for the official release of its search engine Bing.

Bing uses uses a technology from Powerset (a Microsoft acquired search engine company) to display refined versions of your query at the left side of the page. Bing’s interface resembles that of Live Search. When you search for anything, Bing will show a list of related searches at the left hand side of the page. Search Suggestions, News and all other components will be found on Bing.It has been said that each search result page is customized according to the type of search you do. The algorithms itself determines the order of the results on the page, its layout and the sections that should appear. These sections can include a list of related searches, images, videos, and local results.

Microsoft has also released another site called Discover Bing that keeps all the details on the working of Bing and the processes behind it. You can see a number of promotional videos for Bing there. Or read this interview with Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer regarding Bing. Lets see if it stands up firmly amid its competitors like Yahoo and Google Search.

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