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Auto forwarding in Gmail

How to not miss any fowarded email in Gmail

Many of the well known email services have email autoforwarding feature. In Gmail, you can simply set an address for forwarding and the emails that land on your Gmail Inbox will automatically be forwarded to an address of your choice. However, you might have noticed that some emails fail to get forwarded. The reason behind this is that Gmail doesn’t auto forward emails that land in the Spam folder. If you have auto forwarding set up for your Gmail account, you had better check to see if there are any important emails in the spam folder. Well there’s a little workaround that will ensure that you won’t miss any auto forwarded emails in the future.

6 Gmail Labs Photographers Should Use

Gmail is arguably the best free email service for photographers. It comes with 7703 MB of free storage space, a neat interface that has recently been enhanced and excellent spam protection. On top of this, Gmail also comes with several little-known but useful features called Labs.

Gmail app comes to iOS, leaves BlackBerry

Developments such as this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. After all,
the iPhone is a growing platform, while the BlackBerry is shrinking. It
makes sense, in a general way, that a developers would choose iPhone over
BlackBerry if they had to pick one platform for their app. Even so, Google’s
decision to discontinue the Gmail for BlackBerry app, while at the same time
releasing a Gmail app for iOS, seems odd at best. The app is much more
needed on the BlackBerry platform, for two specific reasons.

The New Gmail is here

Google has announced the new look for Gmail’s interface. Back in July, Google had allowed users to have a preview of their new interface. Users will see an option to switch the new look in a few days at the bottom right of Gmail.

Default text style Gmail

Set a permanent formatting style for composing messages in Gmail

Gmail gives a lot of formatting options for formatting emails. If you prefer a certain formatting style and want it to use the same style for every email you compose, changing the formatting style every time can be a bit nagging. But with Gmail, you can easily set a default formatting style using a Labs feature.

5 Handy Tricks That You Can Use with Gmail

Gmail is by far one of the most widely used web based email heavily loaded with very beneficial features. Since its inception, Gmail has managed to sweep such a large chunk of clientele thus rising compete with the industry’s major players. If new to Gmail, you might need some information to help you maximize the benefits that Gmail offers. So, if interested read on.

How to know if an email was sent just to you or a mailing list

You can know if an email was sent to you only or a bunch of other people by looking at the source of the email. Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly know if an email was sent to a group or was sent exclusively to you? Well with Gmail you can have that feature.

How to backup your emails to Evernote

Evernote makes note taking a breeze. You can also send notes to evernote using email by sending an email to a private account given provided by Evernote. You can use this handy feature to backup all your emails to Evernote. Here is how you do it.

Share files online easily with Ge.tt

When the file size that we need to attach in an email exceeds the attachment limit, we look for online file sharing services using which we can upload and share files on the fly. There are sites like box.it, rapidshare that allow quick uploading and sharing of files. GETT is another such utility that lets you share even large files and share them in an instant.