5 Handy Tricks That You Can Use with Gmail

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August 5, 2011

Gmail is by far one of the most widely used web based email heavily loaded with very beneficial features. Since its inception, Gmail has managed to sweep such a large chunk of clientele thus rising compete with the industry’s major players. If new to Gmail, you might need some information to help you maximize the benefits that Gmail offers. So, if interested read on.

1. Group your emails with Labels.

Label is a very vital feature that enables you to organize your inbox. It employs the concept of folders where you can group related emails say from the same source. Suppose you have subscribed to a website’s newsletter that regularly sends updated issues, you can configure your inbox to automatically send these emails to a specific label. This frees your inbox so u can easily find other new emails. You can group older emails to a different label to reduce the number of emails in your inbox list. You can also edit the label name as you see fit.

2. Link your Gmail account with other email accounts.

This is another cool feature with Gmail email accounts. If you hold other email accounts with other webmail providers, you can configure your Gmail account to import these emails from these accounts. If you so wish, you can have these emails organized into Labels. Here you are able to easily know through which provider an email was sent through. You can also import contacts from these email accounts as well. In this way you do not have to log in to the various email accounts so you can read your emails. It’s a one stop email centre.

3. Configure IMAP, POP and SMTP

Gmail is featured with the capability to function in conjunction with other offline email clients. This is because Gmail has been empowered to work with protocols such as IMAP, POP and SMTP. The only thing one is to do is enable these protocols for your Gmail account and bingo, you are connected. If using the latest versions of Thunderbird and Outlook, the process is even easier. All you have to do is type in your name and email address in the settings window and the application will automatically configure the rest.

4. Make use of Keyboard shortcuts

Gmail is loaded with Keyboard key combination shortcuts to increase your speed as you work around the Gmail account window. These key shortcuts are very easy to learn and no RSI pop ups received. This function is activated on the settings panel keyboard shortcuts configuration section. Keyboard shortcuts will revolutionize your experience within your Gmail account.

5. Try out the Labs features

In the effort of improving Gmail features, the Gmail support team places its new features and those to be experimented with under the labs feature section. You can check out this category from time to time and discover the new features that Gmail team intends to roll out to increase Gmail’s practicality and efficiency as a webmail service provider. Pretty interesting feature.

Without a doubt, Gmail is among the best webmail service provider that we have. Combining the benefits elaborated here a fore, you would probably look nowhere else for email services that are stable, reliable and trust worthy. Take time to explore these features in your Gmail account and experience these benefits first hand!!!

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    Without a doubt, Gmail is among the best webmail service provider that we have. Take time to explore in your Gmail account and experience benefits first hand!!!

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